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Nina (she/her) enters therapy seeking help for struggles with her polyamorous lifestyle. Nina has been in a relationship with Brad and Lauren for the last 18 months. Nina is having issues with her identity as a polyamorous woman and disclosing this to her family and friends. She fears judgement and rejection and is unsure if she really identifies as a polyamorist. This is weighing on her relationship with both of her partners.

Nina’s goal for counselling was to get a clearer idea of who she is as a person on a relational level. She would also like to gain the confidence to disclose her relationship with Brad and Lauren to her environment.

During counselling Nina was able to find a safe space to talk about her journey into polyamory without fearing judgement. She discovered that her fear of disclosing her relationships status to others, was rooted in her fear of giving up social safety that comes with an identity of ‘normalcy’ being in a monogamous relationship.

Over a number of sessions, Nina was able to see how important authenticity is in her life and how she values living the life she wants without losing the people she cares about when disclosing her true self. Having this knowledge, she felt more confident in talking about her relationships and was more prepared to having to process negative reactions.

When counselling finished, Nina was able to feel more secure within herself as a polyamorous woman.

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