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Charlie (they/them) is seeking help for the anxiety they are feeling while dating their new partner Fin. Charlie and Fin have been dating for 7 months. Those initial months felt great but Charlie noticed Fin ‘pull away’ more and more. Charlie started to act clingy, angry and demanding. It is affecting their relationship, but also Charlie’s self-esteem.

Charlie’s goal for counselling was to understand why they are acting this way around Fin.

During counselling Charlie was able to process a previous separation and the impact it still had. To their surprise childhood memories came up while talking about their ex-partner. Memories they never consciously acknowledged but now provoke a strong emotional reaction, in particular to Fin.

Session after session, Charlie dug deeper into their past experiences of early attachment and intimate relationships. Together past experiences got unpacked and ways were found to self-regulate.

When counselling finished, Charlie understood why they were feeling and acting the way they did towards Fin. On top of this awareness, they gained insight in how to handle the challenges they were experiencing.

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